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Depression Wiki is a site about my struggles with and successes I've had in beating depression. I wanted to share my discoveries on how to stop being depressed.

depression wikiWelcome to Depression Wiki.  I’m assuming, since you found your way to my site, you may be struggling with depression yourself, or have struggled with it in the past, and are looking for ways to fight your depression.  As for me, I have been fighting my depression nearly all of my adult life.  I am now in my mid forties and feel that I am finally getting a grip on it and that is why I started this Depression Wiki.

I’ve tried all of the typical depression cures over the years including, therapy, medication, and counseling.  Some of it worked for me, and some of it didn’t.  The current medication I am on is helping me quite a bit once my doctor found the right prescription and dosage, but it really makes me feel somewhat indifferent to everything.

You’ve probably been there too, where you just feel kind of no emotion at all and you are just living day to day and just getting by.  It’s hard to feel highs and its hard to feel lows.  You don’t get excited about much, and hardly react positively or negatively regardless of the circumstances.  I hate that feeling because I would really like to feel some normal feelings.

Depression Wiki on Real Feelings

I would love to feel happy and sad feelings when those feelings are appropriate, instead of always feeling sad or indifferent in almost all circumstances.  I felt I needed a way of not just managing depression, but beating depression!  I just knew there had to be better ways of handling my depression.

So, a few months ago, I started researching different options on the Internet.  There is a wealth of information out there and I thought it would be wonderful to share it in a centralized Depression Wiki.

So That’s How Depression Wiki Started

Like I said, I’ve gathered quite a bit of information over the past few months, and I’ve also tried many new tools and techniques to help me beat my depression.  Some of them have worked great and some of them not so great.  I want to share the information that has helped me the most.  Hopefully that information will help you out as well.

Even though some of the things I am doing really seem to be helping me, I haven’t stopped using my medication yet.  I want to clear it with my doctor first, but I can really feel a great improvement and plan on seeing my doctor soon to hopefully get off medication once and for all.  Honestly, the information I’ve been gathering for Depression Wiki has been a life saver for me.  Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll try to do some updates on Depression Wiki as soon as I can.

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